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No. More. Prune Juice.

Shirley MacLaine, on UFOs: They’re all over the place in New Mex­i­co. They’re there. It’s not a ques­tion of are they or not. The ques­tion is why. I’ve talked to peo­ple all over the world who’ve been aboard the craft and told me what they learned.

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Eliz­a­beth Hur­ley: I’ve al­ways want­ed to be a spy, and frankly, I’m a lit­tle sur­prised that British in­tel­li­gence has nev­er ap­proached me.

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And Yet…

Sly Stal­lone: The last Ram­bo film had too much ac­tion and no sto­ry. It was ter­ri­ble.