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When They Start to Bite, It’s Not Cute, It’s Kinky

Gwen Ste­fani, on her 14-month-old son: I don’t know when I’m go­ing to stop breast-feed­ing. I’ll just keep go­ing while I can. Like, he’s get­ting his teeth, so it is a lit­tle bit scary. He’s bit­ten me a few times!


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In­stead Of Un­der My Hang­nails

George Clooney: If I were as fa­mous as some of those kids who are on the mag­a­zines right now at 21 years old, I’d be shoot­ing crack un­der my eye­ball.


Ink­ing Is Over­rat­ed

Drew Bar­ry­more: I wish I was an oc­to­pus so I could hug ten peo­ple at a time!


Over­heard by: You mean a squid?