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Did You Ever Doubt Her?

Paris Hilton: I like to see my­self in mag­a­zines look­ing good. I don’t read any­thing — I just get them to look at my out­fits. I want to see if I look cute or not. I’m too lazy. I on­ly flip through and look at me. I’m not in­ter­est­ed in any­one else.

Over­heard by: ham­stah-time

Char­lie’s Soul Pole Roller

Van­i­ty Fair writer George Wayne as Dji­mon Houn­sou co­zies up with Cameron Di­az: She’s gonna get some black snake moan tonight!


So Sayeth the Lord

Kid Rock: Get­ting mar­ried is the most fun you can have in life. Be­ing mar­ried sucks.


Over­heard by: baroness

No Won­der She Does­n’t Eat

Vic­to­ria Beck­ham: I’m proud I still have a re­al­ly good sex life with David. He is very much in pro­por­tion. He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the ad­vert. It is all his. It is like a trac­tor ex­haust pipe!


Over­heard by: Melis­sa