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Butt Glue. Lots and Lots Of Butt Glue

John Tra­vol­ta: I’m won­der­ing if we have to start think­ing about oth­er plan­ets, and al­so domed cities, be­cause I don’t know if there’s a way to re­pair these holes in the sky.


You Rest Your Case, Sir.

For­mer Notre Dame foot­baller Joe The­is­mann: The word ‘ge­nius’ is­n’t ap­plic­a­ble in foot­ball. A ge­nius is a guy like Nor­man Ein­stein.

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In­clud­ing All the Whoop­ie

El­ton John: An agent is a per­son who is sore be­cause an ac­tor gets 90 per­cent of what they make.


Di­ar­rhea Is So In This Year

An­jel­i­ca Hus­ton on In­dia: And the best part is you can lose weight af­ter just one meal.


Small Tools Re­quire Small Hands

P. Did­dy: I shave down there. I do it my­self or I have my young la­dy help me, be­cause I don’t want to get no nicks.