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Thank God

Miss Al­aba­ma, 1994, asked, “If you could live for­ev­er, would you and why?”: I would not live for­ev­er, be­cause we should not live for­ev­er, be­cause if we were sup­posed to live for­ev­er, then we would live for­ev­er, but we can­not live for­ev­er, which is why I would not live for­ev­er.

Over­heard by: oh-hay-hay

Darn Tootin’, You Betcha!

Fe­lic­i­ty Huff­man, about hub­by William H. Ma­cy: I get to go home and sleep with that… Lucky me.


Just Like My Ra­zor-toothed Pussy

Pam An­der­son, on hub­by Rick Sa­lomon’s in­jured nose: I sliced it… It was sex­u­al.


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