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Dial­y­sis and a Head-hunt?

R. Kel­ly: All of a sud­den you’re like the bin Laden of Amer­i­ca. Osama bin Laden is the on­ly one who knows ex­act­ly what I’m go­ing through.


The Gift Was Si­lence

Fer­gie: I, uh, I had a con­ver­sa­tion with God, ba­si­cal­ly. I don’t know how to in­ter­pret this, but He said, ‘I’ve giv­en you this beau­ti­ful gift, and you’re throw­ing it away.’

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Make Your Bed or I’ll Bus’ a Cap

Mark Wahlberg: When my daugh­ter is 10 and 11, and es­pe­cial­ly in the teenage years, I want to be there with a gun. It’s not mess-around time.


Just Let It Go, Man. Just Let It Go.

New Zealand mod­el Nicky Wat­son, croak­i­ly: I’ve been look­ing for my lost dog for days. I’ve been all over the area day and night, call­ing, ‘Crick­et, Crick­et,’ try­ing to find my poor Crick­et.
In­ter­view­er: You’re hoarse.
Nicky Wat­son: No, my chi­huahua.

–Cur­rent af­fairs TV show in New Zealand

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