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Well, Not All Of Us, Eh, Vlade?

Ser­bian bas­ket­ball play­er Vlade Di­vac: We all get heav­ier as we get old­er be­cause there’s a lot more in­for­ma­tion in our heads.

Over­heard by: fran­cie

Um, I’m Gonna Go with “No”

Kel­ly Row­land, of Des­tiny’s Child: You know how the Bea­t­les broke off, they all did their so­lo projects, and then they came back to­geth­er and they were even stronger?


Mmm, Glob­al Warm­ing Gets Me So Hot, Ba­by

Paul Mc­Cart­ney: I’ve known this la­dy for a while. We en­joy each oth­er’s com­pa­ny, and when we get to­geth­er we talk about stuff like the en­vi­ron­ment and Al Gore — things like that.


Start­ing in About 36 Days

Paris Hilton: In the fu­ture, I plan on tak­ing more of an ac­tive role in the de­ci­sions I make.


But Who Ever Counts Them?

Avril Lav­i­gne: It’s im­por­tant to be thank­ful, even if you’re poor. I mean, come on — we all have clean wa­ter! Well, okay, not peo­ple in the de­vel­op­ing world…

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