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WWCD: What would Chomsky do?

Dear OINN Editorial Staff,

The headline contest as of today reads:

>Girlfriend: You could just be gay.
>Boyfriend: I don’t want to be gay! I just wanna be a woman.

If you’re familiar with transgendered individuals, who are by definition not, as the person here rightly states, gay, then this ceases to be funny. I recommend viewing the brilliant documentary Southern Comfort as precursory sensitivity training [http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1104978-southern_comfort/]

What’s interesting on this side of the border, and agreed upon by numerous educated persons that I’ve met in other countries, is that the cream of the academic crop in the US have the racial and sexual sensitivity of high school grads elsewhere. This might have something to do with the fact that in a UN global study a fews years back, which tested secondary school students from over fifty so-called first world countries, the US came dead last (sad but true, and you’re welcome to research that). So I read OINN like I watch horror movies, knowing that my neighbour, who has the most weapons in the world, is also the dumbest.

You could conceivably save face by replacing the headline with one that makes sense, although with you Americans being as prideful, stubborn and reactionary as you are ignorant, I doubt that will happen.


[Name withheld]

P.S. Can’t say I won’t continue to read OINN, though. Like I say, I love being scared, and the irony of there being a moderate level of stupid in choosing which quotes are stupid-funny is as delicious as the humour in the quotes themselves. Yum.

P.P.S. Chomsky would remove it.


And This Over Here Is a Box-Cutter, Which Is Used on Muslim

This headline is dispicable. You racists should be ashamed of
yourselves. No wonder the rest of the world hates America. Keep
up the hatred and promoting of stereotypes, it’s destroying


Recently, you posted something on your “Overheard at the Office” site that I found annoying. It was something like this:

After Successfully Outlawing Science, Kansas Gets Right to Work on Math 
Topeka City Council Member: I thought we just voted that down unanimously, with the exception of one or two votes.

Capitol grounds
Topeka, Kansas

I want to say that I thoroughly disagree with your depiction of Kansans being opposed to science and to mathematics. I am a Kansan by choice, proud to be one, and I take great exception to people portraying us as anti-technological.

In fact, I challenge you to come here to Kansas to discuss the matter with me. However, just to make sure that you don’t get fouled up, remember that our time zone is different here — you’ll need to set your calendar back 50 years


how come so many headlines are racist? and a lot of times not even funny racist where they’re ironic or part of what’s even overheard, but unnecessarily racist. i realize you’re all white and you probably like to laugh at us, but come on, it’s not like we’re from jersey. examples include:

Where the Probability Approaches 100% That There Exist Black People

Like They’re Afraid of a Crime Happening in a Primarily Black Neighborhood or Something

‘Real Hip-Hop Artist’ Is an Oxymoron, So We Cannot Verify This


To the Editors:

Since I just learned about and started contributing to your site, I’m not sending hatemail per se – I just wanted to point out, regarding one of the entries I just read, that “Jewess” is a pejorative term – look in Webster’s Collegiate, or especially the American Heritage Dictionary (it has a “Usage Panel” explanation), for confirmation of this. So is “Negress.”

Just as I assume you wouldn’t publish other ethnic slurs, I hope you won’t publish either of these in the future, but rather would use “Jewish woman,” or “black/African American woman.”


Sorry, Not Applicable to Jews” for the contest? Listen motherfuckers, people of all backgrounds try to save money. As a matter of fact, the cheapest people I’ve ever met were black and Italian. Drop dead, fuckwads.


[Name Withheld] is a walking rationalization for racism and violence, proof positive that “Never Again” is nothing but a vicious confidence game, and much worse than a lot of the fools on here who get quoted. You don’t know the half of it and you don’t need to know. I enjoy the site, except for the jewjokes, which often backfire. It’s like the racial tolerance of you people goes no further than pigging out on fusion cuisine. I’m sure you know the entire site is premised upon the schoolbrat dictum of “it takes one to know one.” ;) Wish you had something much BETTER to do for the world, but if this is where you’re stalled then thanks for keeping us entertained in your lowly little way.

 — Up [Name Withheld’s] Schizophrenic Asshole




Yeah, it’s real to refer to women as JAPS — you get to be misogynistic
and antisemitic at the same time, not that you morons know that the
women in question are actually Jewish anyway. Fuck off and die you antisemitic asswipes.


It sounds histrionic, but I know that [name withheld] is more responsible for the War in Iraq than anyone in the Taliban, anyone in the Bush Administration, anyone in Iraq, or even anyone in the family of the ghost who died intestate and unclean whose psychic bank account went partially into [name withheld]‘s possession. You’re not innocent either (nobody is at this point, the road to genuine divinity has been closed for many hundreds of years for everyone who isn’t already old now), but you’re a lot nicer and I was compelled to spew this horror out incoherently. Cf. Yeats Is Dead! which is also selfish lies, but a lot closer to the truth than you bozos. The Holocaust is going to be repeated, and that’s everyone’s fault and problem. Lessons were certainly NOT learned, and this planet cannot sustain the attitudes and entitlement-complexes which have arisen. The Jews took this power for their own and the Jews are being held responsible. Sure, there will be a slave class to take all the heat, but the Jews are the ones responsible. REAL jews are able to see beyond their jewishness, kikes just TALK about it and expect everyone to be convinced. Kike is a word invented by jews against jews and now they want to erase it as if they never committed that self-destructive sin. Anyway. I have no good news, and it serves you right for thinking the christians were less than they were. An antichrist has been raised, and Abbaddon has taken the key. Yeah, this is crazy. So is everything. There is no way to come clean now, not with People magazine and 12 million American children on Prozac and Ritalin instead of having their Constitutional rights to religious expression (not freedom of atheism its lack but freedom of religion), and all sorts of semites presuming to sue for separation of church from state in america when they cannot be bothered to repatriate their homeland which was handed to them on a silver platter after their failing to win it back for so many years. I’d rather be a sunspot than hear one more self-righteously racist and offensively self-destructive joke about Christmas in Jew York City in the JewNighted States in our planet Kikeworld, which used to be known as Earth.


these have got to be the worst quotes / conversation pieces so called
funny items etc that I’ve ever read. There is not one item I’ve read
so far that makes any sense …the site defies a meaning for it’s
existance !!


To pass along such obvious hate and disregard for religion and race is disgusting. And I for one will no longer support this site and will pass along this information to everyone that will listen. And being that I work in the entertainment and party planning business, my connections run deep and wide.


this would be a great site without the small-minded adolescent
smart-ass headlines (which are a thousand times less funny than what’s
overheard). why not just use the location as the headline (‘104th and


You guys are a joke. It’s people like you that have destroyed New
York City. Wealthy whites from god knows what part of the country,
Ohio, the midwest, the suburbs, making this site to maybe escape
the fact that you grew up in the middle of nowhere, making fun of
suburbanites, pretending New York City is yours to claim as the the
greatest place on earth. It’s not anymore. It’s just the playground
for spoiled young whites nowadays, i.e., a new suburb with taller
buildings. Congratulations on ruining New York City. You will never
know what it was like to be a true New Yorker. You are fakes,
posers, whatever. Keep pretending that you’re really from Brooklyn
or whereever area of NYC that you moved into and destroyed with
your presence. Please fucking die. With your gentrification you
have made it unaffordable for me to stay in the place I grew up. I
go to a school that is largely filled with young well bred whites,
like you, who view this city as a stage to fulfill their dreams of
becoming like Sex and the City stars/starlets, or becoming in some
way or the other, ‘hood,’ and making a complete farce out of ethnic
communities, placing them on some sort of display, as if the cute
minorities are for a sideshow, for some perverse entertainment, to
give these young Virginia raised whites tasty food to hide the fact
(maybe their guilt?) that they grew up in lily-white suburbs. These,
of course, are all generalizations. But I cannot feel anything but
anger towards this newfound, overwhelming desire among people my
age from outside NYC, to become part of something that represents
something that the outsiders have no right to have a claim to -
namely, intricate self-sufficient (i.e., ethnic restaurants weren’t
established to charge 12 dollars a plate to a Maryland suburbanite
so he can be ‘cool’ like the characters in Spike Lee movies)
communities established over decades as a result of everything from
uneasiness with others of different backgrounds to a desire to
recreate the motherland, whatever that may be, on a small scale to
combat mass homesickness among immigrants. And this influx of
gentrifiers suddenly forces members of this community to pay
ridiculous rents to reside in a place — perhaps the ONLY place — in
this entire strange country that is the United States, that feels
like home to them. Suddenly restaurants cannot keep selling cheap
ethnic food to the community members, as they have to deal with
rising rents. This to me is like imperialists arriving in a weak
country, and taxing the ‘natives.’ How this is all a result of
simple marketing of the coolness of urbanism, how suddenly the
suburbs are out, but the urbs are in, bewilders me. How entire
cultures can be subjugated because certain ‘nabes’ are hot is
sickening to the stomach. The rich keep getting richer and the poor
keep getting poorer — and in this case I feel that class and race
are inseperable.


Hi! One of the new quotes, 2:00am, 14th August 2006: It’s an Elephant Bending Over, features “a Jewish friend” and “a shiksa”. According to Wikipedia e.g., Shiksa (Yiddish: שיקסע) or “Shikse,” literally means “female abomination”, referring to non-Jewish women. You don’t use other ethnic or racial slurs like “nigger” or a “zhid” describing those involved in a situation, why did you decide to use it this time? Please change it for something less offensive Thanks.


What the heck is an ALSOME quote? FIX IT!


Can you stop using the word “thug”? You’re obviously referring to young people of color, like Bloomberg did during the transit strike. This is pretty racist. Thank you.