Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The difference between Sly Stallone and me is I am me and he is him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, on working out: It is as satisfying to me as cumming is. You know — as having sex with a woman and cumming. So can you believe how much I am in heaven? I am, like, getting the feeling of cumming in the gym, I’m getting the feeling of cumming at home, I’m getting the feeling of cumming backstage when I pump up. When I pose out in front of five thousand people, I get the same feeling, so I am cumming day and night.


Arnold Schwarzenegger: Gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.


Arnold Schwarzenegger: California has been attacked by these fires, like, all… simultaneously.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: [Marijuana] is not a drug. It’s a leaf.

–GQ Magazine

Overheard by: Mary Jane