Gene Simmons, on marriage: I don’t believe there’s any difference between a monogamous and a polygamous relationship. Those are all just big words, like ‘gymnasium.’

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California senator Barbara Boxer: Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, ‘Thank god I’m still alive!’ But, of course, those who died — their lives will never be the same again.

George W. Bush: Will the highways on the Internet become more few?

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Alyssa Milano: Every time I decide I want a child, I get another pet. I have three dogs, thirteen birds, and three horses — what does that tell you?

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Playwright Edward Albee: Plays are rather like children. The ones that are earning your living for you, you’re quite happy with them, but you worry about the ones that aren’t pulling their own weight.


Mandy Moore, on her music: I feel bad that people wasted their money on such trite, blah pop music.


Joe Simpson on daughter Ashlee’s nose job: There was a real problem with her breathing, and that was cured.


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Tara Reid: I make Jessica Simpson look like a rock scientist.

Orlando Bloom: I don’t do a film unless it has a sword in it. And if it doesn’t have a sword in it, I insist that they have one in the same room to keep me comfortable.

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Al Gore: A zebra does not change its spots.