Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan: I was going out with someone and they said I should read Machiavelli and I was like, ‘Nah,’ and then I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll read it,’ and now it is always with me.

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Lindsay Lohan: I think I am my mom. We’re so similar, she even looks like me.

–In Touch Magazine

Lindsay Lohan: Life is full of risks anyway — why not take them?

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Lindsay Lohan: If I go out in New York or something with my friends, I’ll have a drink, I’m not going to lie. But my friends in college are out getting wasted and I don’t really have a desire to do that. I have sort of grown past it because I have a full-time job and responsibilities. It’s cool to have that, it makes you mature faster.

–AP Interview

Lindsay Lohan: I want to go to Egypt and Japan and open orphanages — a chain of them.

Lindsay Lohan: I need a boyfriend, geez. There are three different boys I like. Maybe five.

–GQ magazine

Lindsay Lohan: People go to college to find who they are as a person and find what they want to do in life, and I kind of already know that, so it would be like I’d be taking a step back or something.

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Lindsay Lohan: I have a, like, what do you call it? Uh… Oh, yeah — a photographic memory.

–Interview on MTV

Lindsay Lohan, about being in rehab: It was a sobering experience.