Halle Berry: I want to stay pregnant forever.

Overheard by: airmetica

Cameron Diaz: I’ve been noticing gravity since I was very young.

David Beckham: My parents have been there for me ever since I was about seven.

Overheard by: Anya

Shia LaBeouf: The name means, ‘Thank God for beef…’ Which is kinda lame.

Overheard by: babs

Madonna: There’s, like, no books about anything.

Lindsay Lohan: If I go out in New York or something with my friends, I’ll have a drink, I’m not going to lie. But my friends in college are out getting wasted and I don’t really have a desire to do that. I have sort of grown past it because I have a full-time job and responsibilities. It’s cool to have that, it makes you mature faster.

–AP Interview

Paris Hilton: I’m not, like, that smart.

–Blender Magazine

Jessica Simpson: I aspire to be Patsy Cline.

Overheard by: heffalumpalicious

Eminem: Yo, I failed ninth grade three times, but I don’t think it was necessarily ’cause I’m stupid.

Jewel: Yeah, well, in school they wanted me to be all mathematical… and gramarically correct.


Overheard by: Sarah McLellan