Gwen Stefani: I can’t wait to get pregnant again. It’s so fun and consuming and romantic.

Overheard by: cliteesha

Britney Spears: I always listen to ‘NSYNC’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” It reminds me to wear a bra.

Overheard by: i <3 my gyno

Elle MacPherson: Underwear is such an emotional thing.

Jean-Claude Van Damme: In an action film, you act in the action. In a drama film, you act in the drama.

Overheard by: petal peddler

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, when asked what the stars on the American flag mean: The original states and colonies.

Overheard by: PuceWoman

Christina Aguilera: I give money to a company that makes hearing aids. More people should hear me sing.

Sylvester Stallone: On the outside I might look like King Kong, but inside I’m Hugh Grant.


British model Jodie Marsh: Eskimos are uncivilized because they don’t have any shops.

Overheard by: bbq vixen

Kelsey Grammer, asked if he was really a doctor: I have an honorary doctorate at, uh… Oh, god, where is it? Some college [University of Massachusetts at Amherst].

Overheard by: kellen heller

Paul McCartney on phone to [ex-]wife: I just can’t wait until I never have to see your face again!
Heather Mills: You’ll never get rid of me!