Jude Had Just Cause

Si­en­na Miller: I was nine at my first board­ing school, and I got caught mat­ing my rab­bit.


In Oth­er Words, De­gree and De­pends

Bar­bara Wal­ters: The rea­son that I am so suc­cess­ful is that I do not sweat. And I don’t have to go to the bath­room very of­ten. That is the key to my suc­cess.


Why I Got Kicked Out of Preschool

In­ter­view­er: Why did you choose to star in the soft porn cult clas­sic Caligu­la, in which you danced in a cone bra?
He­len Mir­ren: It was an ir­re­sistible mix of art and gen­i­tals.


Kid­man: Gold­en Show­ers Are Sup­posed to Burn!

Kei­th Ur­ban on Nicole Kid­man and his own poor bath­room eti­quette: She does­n’t hit me, but she hates it. She’s a very pas­sion­ate per­son, which means that a man can get in­to a lot of trou­ble.